Skype lessons

Skype Lessons are a growing part of our Outreach Learning strategy, ideal for those who can't attend onsite lessons due to distance or mobility issues.

They can also be useful for those who want to ask for help on a particular piece or problem (see Skype Surgeries).

Please note that we cannot offer trial lessons by Skype.


What you will need:

  • A PC, Laptop, Smart TV, Tablet (or other suitable mobile device) with a webcam.

  To improve the quality of your Skype experience we recommend that you use an ethernet cable to your wireless router and close any applications that are downloading in the background.

  •  A working copy of Skype (free to download on the link to the right)

  Ensure that video is set to on and that for instrumental instruction your hands and their positioning on the instrument are clearly visible in shot.

  • A stable home or mobile broadband connection(4G recommended)
  •  You will have prebooked and paid in advance and have received an Email from LMA Confirming your time slot.



To book a lesson you must first purchase a ticket using our secure Worldpay service (see below).

Then, email us  at with your preferred availability, quoting the phrase 'SKYPE BOOKING' and your payment reference number.  It is also useful to include a description of what you wish to work on and specific material at this point.

We will then respond, trying to match your availability as close as possible with an available tutor.  

Once we agree a match with you we will send you a CONFIRMATION EMAIL detailing your timeslot. If we are unable to match your requirements we will refund your ticket.

If there is any material you wish to share you may wish to send this digitally at this point.

 For 1 to 1 30 minute consultations the price is £15

For paired and group lessons by Skype please peak directly to our admin team for availability before purchase.



To 'attend' your lesson just Skype us at the prearranged time.

Please call promptly as slots are booked in back to back and there is no capacity to overrun if you call up late.

If we are unable to provide the lesson at the prearranged time we will reschedule or refund accordingly.

If there are technical issues not within our control (i.e. you have a poor connection) we will be unable to do this, so please check your connection, devices and forward appropriate materials accordingly in advance.



From time to time we run Skype Webinars to address common issues for learners in an online group environment.

Check the 'Forthcoming Skype Webinars' for forthcoming group surgeries addressing particular issues.

(Prices as detailed, contact at  for availability and payment.)